January is Nutrition Month

Throughout the month of January we will be focusing on Nutrition.  As we start the new year we all make resolutions and often they are related to better eating habits.  Let’s include our four-legged friends in those resolutions!

Call and book a complimentary appointment during January with one of our qualified Veterinary Technicians and they will give your pet a Body Condition Score and discuss nutrition options with you based on age, weight, activity level, etc.  If need exists they will consult with the doctor before any change in diet occurs.

Nutrition – General Feeding Guidelines for Dogs

Nutrition – General Feeding Guidelines for Cats

Dogs and Raw Diet

Obesity in Dogs

Nutrition for Inactive Adult Dogs

Obesity in Cats

Nutrition – Natural Approach to Feeding

Homemade Diets

Arthritis and Nutrition for Dogs

Nutrition, Skin and Cats 

Nutrition, Skin and Dogs

Cats, Nutrition and Periodontal Disease

Dogs, Nutrition and Periodontal Disease