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Microchipping for Pets

You don’t want to start thinking about your pet’s recovery plan, in the event they’re lost, when it’s too late. An integral part of this plan is ensuring your pet is microchipped. Microchipping provides your pet with a permanent ID that helps them to be identified by a veterinarian or shelter staff if they’re ever lost. We want to make sure your pet has the best chance of being returned to you with microchipping.

Why should I have my pet microchipped?

Microchipping is like your pet’s permanent ID. Though collars and ID tags can also help identify your pet, they are easily removed or lost. Once a microchip is implanted, your pet can be identified, with the help of a microchip scanner at a veterinary office or shelter. The device is pet-friendly and safe, measuring no more than the length of a rice grain. It’s inserted under the loose skin near the back of your furry friend’s neck with the help of a needle.

How will it help my pet if they’re lost?

If your pet is lost and returned to a veterinary office, shelter or humane society, they’ll use a handheld microchip scanner to see if your pet has a microchip. Once it passes the area where the chip was implanted, low-frequency radio waves are transmitted to detect the chip’s ID number. Based on the ID number, they will contact the manufacturer or pet recovery database linked to the chip to retrieve your contact information to reach you. It’s important to keep us up-to-date with your current contact so you can receive the call if your pet is found.

How else can I keep my pet safe?

We highly recommend your pet get microchipped, in addition to pairing it with other identification methods. For example, furry friends who are microchipped and also have collars and ID tags with contact information are more likely to be returned to their families. Without them, your pet could end up in a shelter or in the worst case scenario, euthanized. Please contact us to book your furry family member’s microchip appointment at 905.682.7857.