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Euthanasia Services for Pets

It’s difficult to come to terms with the loss of a pet and our team extends our deepest sympathies as you consider peacefully ending your pet’s life. This is a difficult decision and we want to ensure you feel supported with whatever decision feels right for your family. If you need support discussing euthanasia, please contact us at 905.682.7857.

What support is available to help me make my decision?

Our veterinary team is here to support you as you make your decision. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best possible decision for your pet and family. We’ll go over your pet’s overall health and any treatment options for their current condition. Ultimately, you know your pet best. You have the insight about their quality of life, and the extent to which it has declined. This might look like your pet not acting like their usual selves, considerably losing their appetite or losing interest in their favourite activities. If your pet’s quality of life is being impacted by pain or illness, it might be time to allow them to peacefully transition.

How do I say goodbye to my pet?

There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one, especially your pet. It’s important that you and your family spend as much time with your pet in the days leading up to the procedure. If you have children, it’s important to explain what’s happening to help them process this loss. Everyone grieves in different ways. Try to be respectful of the ways you all might deal with loss and provide support when you notice anyone struggling. Your family will also need to decide if any of you would like to be with your pet during their final moments at the procedure.

What happens during the procedure?

We try our best to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible before we administer the life-ending medication. We will walk through the procedure to ensure you’re aware of the process. Once you’re ready, we’ll give your pet the medication which stops their heart and brain instantaneously, allowing them to peacefully transition. If you’d like, our veterinary team can give you a few moments with your pet after they’ve passed.