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Cardiology for Pets

Your pet’s heart isn’t only for loving you but also responsible for pumping blood throughout their body. Their heart health is a vital component of their overall well-being, since this organ has such a vital job. Whether it’s diagnosing heart issues or creating treatment plans for managing diseases, our veterinary team is here to support all affairs of your pet’s heart.

What heart conditions do you see in pets?

Some pets are born with heart conditions that progress as they get older, especially if left untreated. One thing you might not know you have in common with your canine friend is we both have four chambers in our hearts. Similarly, pets can also be affected by heart disease, though the root causes are different. As pets age, they are much more likely to experience heart disease. If you suspect your pet might have a heart condition, please contact us at 905.682.7857.

How do you treat them?

One cause of heart disease are heartworms. It is important that your pet is taking their monthly preventive as prescribed so they are fully protected against heartworm infections. Heartworms can grow to be a few inches long inside your pet’s heart. Before treating the condition, we’ll deworm your pet if heartworms are the cause of their condition. We might treat heart disease with a combination of diet/lifestyle changes, medication and surgery, if your pet is a good candidate.

How can I maintain good heart health for my pet?

There are some measures you can take to ensure your pet’s heart is in the best possible condition. This includes:

  • Ensuring your pet is staying active, with exercise and play
  • Feeding your pet a balanced diet
  • Giving your pet their monthly parasite preventative as prescribed
  • Helping your pet stay at a healthy weight for their age, breed, etc.
  • Being aware of symptoms of heart disease like dry off and rapid weight loss