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Behavioural Counselling for Pets

Changes in your pet’s behaviour can be difficult to manage but might also be a sign of underlying health issues. If you have concerns about your pet’s behaviour, our veterinary team is here to support you. The goal of behavioural counselling is to identify the cause of your pet’s problematic behaviour and help support you with tools to manage them. To book an appointment to discuss your pet’s behavioural issues, please contact us at 905.682.7857.

How do I know if my pet needs behavioural counselling?

Your pet might need behavioural counselling if their behaviour has been more time consuming or difficult to deal with. Our veterinary team is happy to discuss the changes in your pet’s behaviour to discuss how we can support you. Periodic changes in your pet’s behaviour are completely normal but if you’ve noticed more problematic behaviour over a longer period, behavioural counselling might be the right fit for them.

What are the types of problematic behaviour I should look out for?

Some behaviour might be an annoyance but don’t require counselling and can be managed on your own. Some common issues you might want to book an appointment for your pet are:

  • Aggression towards loved ones or other furry friends
  • Uncharacteristic growling, biting and scratching
  • Anxiety (Manifests as excessive licking, pacing and hiding)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive peeing

    What can I expect during behavioural counselling?

    Before we create a behavioural plan for your furry friend, we’ll identify if these changes are a sign of an underlying health issue. Sometimes when pets are in pain, it manifests as changes in their behaviour. You’ll have time to discuss the issues you’ve been having with your pet’s behavior. Next, we’ll create a plan that looks at modifications we can make to their lifestyle and diet that we’ll follow-up on to see if any adjustments need to be made.