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Veterinary Technician

Mireille graduated from Seneca College in 2020 with a Veterinary Assistant certificate. She then went on to further her education and graduated from Seneca's Veterinary Technician program in 2022.

Mireille is very optimistic and has a strong passion for animals and all kinds of care. Mireille especially enjoys surgery because she says being able to experience life-changing procedures and seeing the difference in both the patients and their parents' lives gives her the most joy. As Mireille furthers her experience in the veterinary field, she would one day like to specialize and be a surgical technician or an internal medicine technician.

In her free time, Mireille likes to go on hiking trips and play the flute. When she isn't outside or playing music, she loves to spend time with her dogs; Lily, Minnie, and Princess, along with her cats: Trico, Skittles and Jenny.